About TheGirlNinja

If TheGirlNinja was a person I imagine that they would be a persistent, loyal, and dedicated individual that works hard to overcome challenges and care for others.

TheGirlNinja blog was created to help. As an introvert who is passionate about helping others and writing, I find TheGirlNinja blog as a means to do exactly that. TheGirlNinja fills my passion to write and help others while not having to be uncomfortable by physically being around people. The world is so full of subliminal messages and people putting us down, TheGirlNinja is meant to let you know that no matter how many challenges come your way, you’ve got this, you can do it. After reading a post I hope you find yourself more empowered to take on your next challenge.  

As a lifestyle blog TheGirlNinja will have posts about a multitude of topics. Below is a brief description of the different topics you can find on TheGirlNinja.

Everything at Home

As the title states this category will include posts about everything at home.  I am a homeowner so there are very general topics in this category about caring for a home, for example, managing our oil tank. On the other end of the home spectrum I have stuff, my husband has stuff, and my son has stuff so there are posts about keeping house, for example, managing clutter.  The posts in Everything at Home identify a problem or challenge I experienced at home and how to work through the problem or challenge. Many posts are about home care that I just did not have experience or knowledge about and had to learn about to resolve a problem or challenge at home.

I love to write about what I learn, so naturally the Everything at Home category wrote itself after several years of owning a home and having a family.  Also, in the Everything at Home category you will someday find a Kitchen section.  I say someday because the Kitchen section was the last section I started before preparing to launch TheGirlNinja, and so there is still work on preparing the posts for release. The Kitchen section of Everything at Home is special to me. You see, I am not very good in the Kitchen. Over the years I’ve certainly improved, but honestly I don’t like cooking, I enjoy baking but really do not like cooking. The Kitchen section is special to me because I work on the posts in the kitchen section with my sister who is an amazing chef and baker. In the Kitchen section you will find posts with delicious recipes and posts describing the tools and materials we use in the Kitchen.  For example, we have a post in the Kitchen section talking about wax paper or parchment paper in the oven and a post describing Instant Pots and all the amazing ways you can use them. I’m looking forward to working with my sister on the Kitchen section and sharing my sister’s knowledge with you.

Financially Fit

As people we have needs and wants that are met with financial spending. As the main breadwinner in my family, a homeowner, a car owner, an individual with student loans, and a mother there are many expenses I need to cover.  It’s a lot. Think about it.  Any club, organization, or business has a person or group of people that are solely dedicated to managing their finances. Managing finances for yourself is a job, and managing finances for a family is a bigger job. The more people the more needs and wants you need to take into consideration as you manage the household finances.  It truly is a chore  

In the financially fit category you will find posts that walk you through budgeting and how to save money. With all that being said managing finances is not a skill that most individuals master in their teens. Rather, managing finances is a skill you acquire through research and/or experience. I hope the posts in Financially Fit help you on your financial journey to manage your money confidently, and help you plan for your future.

Staying Healthy

The constant battle. Your mental health, your physical health, your family’s health it’s constantly changing as we age and we all want to be healthy. The Staying Healthy category includes posts about making friends, caring for allergies, and working out for your physical health. In this category I share with you how I’ve managed both my family’s and my personal health through an out of state move and through daily life. I have a future post I am planning around anxiety and hope to have that out to you in the coming year. 

Health is something that came naturally to me in my youth, it wasn’t until my mid twenties that I suddenly had to regularly think about my health and plan to care for my health. Then, I had a family and suddenly I was worrying about the health of three different people, all with very different physical and mental needs. It was mainly through my journey caring for my family that I started to document how I went about caring for each of us. I hope the posts in Staying Healthy help you and your family to be healthier and happier.

Working Mom/Family

This category is for a multitude of people. If you have a career, if you are a stay at home parent, if you are a working parent, then you might be interested in this category. Balancing being a contributing member of a family while being a successful professional is challenging, at least it is for me, and I assume most others. I write about my challenges juggling being a mom, sister, wife, daughter, and professional in the Working Mom/Family category. More specifically in the Working Mom/Family category you will find posts around how to be there for family, how to fit in the needs like dinner and breakfast while keeping everyone on-time. In addition you will find posts on how to prioritize your professional career both in the field at work and at home.  

For now those are the categories of posts you will find on TheGirlNinja. As a neuroscientist I hope to someday give you a science section, but that’s for another day. I am so excited to help you. I hope the lessons I’ve learned and documented on TheGirlNinja help make your days a little easier.  

For all you introverts out there I want to share this experience with you. You see, I stumble through most of my days as an introvert craving  a connection, but uncomfortable at the thought of putting my genuine self out there for the world to judge and possibly reject. I always think, I cannot be the only introvert that struggles with making connections. This blog is me introducing myself to the world, hoping that others that feel like me will be able to connect through my blog, build connections that we together can lean on as friends, and help each other through life’s many challenges.

Before I end the About TheGirlNinja post you should know that TheGirlNinja is young. Posts for TheGirlNinja were started in 2018. My attention to TheGirlNinja was derailed several times as I juggled my responsibilities, but in 2019 and 2020 I was able to focus my attention, and made a significant amount of progress on writing content and building a website. I have a feeling that 2021 is going to be an amazing year as I explore and learn how to manage a website.

I never want to forget the night that I bought my first domain. I felt so excited, I wanted to shout the news from the rooftops. After the excitement settled fear of failure rolled in. I always know I’m doing something amazing when I feel extreme excitement right before fear.  It’s my body’s way of telling me that I’m doing something I truly love and am scared of losing, it makes the journey worth the while.  I hope you will be a part of this journey with me.