Thank you for your interest in TheGirlNinja. I am excited to meet you and look forward to chatting. Below I describe all the ways I can help you, and provide an email and other sources for you to reach out with.

Financially Fit: retiring, spending, budgeting, impulse purchases

Let’s talk money

We all have goals in our lives, and finances can make a huge difference on when we reach our goals. As I look back on my journey I wish I had understood the benefits of controlling and fully comprehending my finances at a much younger age. Honestly, some people laughed at me when I asked questions about my finances as though it was ridiculous. Now I know it’s because they knew so little about theirs. No one should feel like they cannot ask questions to better understand their lives. Reach out for clarification on any of the finance posts to better understand or just to further discuss finances.

Working Parents: work-life balance, development toolboxes, simultaneously caring for kids while working, advancing your career, childcare while you work or travel for work, networking, promoting yourself at work, let’s make it work

The work force often feels like a jungle, massive, humid, and has many predators lurking from the unknown. LOL, that is a little dramatic but you get the point. Whether you are looking to chat about balancing your career and being a parent or taking control of your career let’s talk. I am very passionate about controlling a career and have taken a multitude of trainings as well as participated in many workshops/focus groups to learn how to better navigate a career. If you have questions or ideas let’s talk.

Everything At Home: clutter, organizing, furniture to fit your needs, not letting the needs of your home control your life

We’re all here together trying our best. Don’t feel alone in the constant chaos of life, know that there are others out there like yourself, and we are all just making it work. Get in touch via any of the contact options below to talk about better balance in your life at home.

Staying Healthy: juggling caring for yourself (others, a home, pets, etc.), making friends, really it’s about living

Taking care of yourself as you age and life changes around you can be challenging to keep up with. I share my own personal experience in hope that it helps you can find motivation or inspiration. If you ever want to casually chat about living and taking better care of yourself or others I am here as a friend. For clarification, I am not a doctor and I do not know your personal case history or current situation, I do not have the expertise to tell you what is best for you. Please know I am not an expert giving you advice, just a friend offering my personal perspective with no pressure. So, if you still want to talk to a normal human being without powers feel free to reach out.

Email me at: [email protected]

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