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20 Ways to Get Cash Fast

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Life is fickle, one moment everything is rolling along and you are set to meet all your goals and financial goals in the coming year. Then, in a moment everything can change. Before you know it life turns upside down and inside out. You go from having enough money for everything you need and more, to being dirt broke. Suddenly, your financial accounts are in the negative and bill payments will be late if you do not get more money, as soon as possible.

Whether it is trouble with your financial institute, a mistake, an unexpected car repair, or an injury, that feeling of being broke with the need for money is the same for all of us. In the pit of your stomach a knot forms and above it something is doing flips, it is hard to think, you are desperate and not sure that everything will be ok. Feelings like fear, anxiety, frustration, and loneliness overwhelm us. 

It is important to put everything into perspective in the moments when life challenges us. Despite the chaos around us, we have to focus on what we can control. The focus at times when you have no money and need money, is of course, how to get more money, fast.

This is what we will focus on, how to get more money. The fastest and easiest ways to get money are probably methods that you have already thought of and ruled out, like asking a family member or friend for a handout or loan. So, if you are beyond those options, skip to option 3 to start exploring the fastest and easiest ways to get money.

How to Get More MONEY Fast

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1 Ask a family member for a handout or a loan.

2 Ask a friend for a handout or a loan.

3 Apply for a loan from your bank.

4 Open a credit card. Be aware that this will not help for all payment options, and is a dangerous pattern of financial behavior to fall into.

5 Sign up to get paid to take surveys for google

6 Sell your stuff on Facebook marketplace or craigslist.

7 Pick up side jobs on Facebook or craigslist.

8 Pet sit – here is a website that compiled the best websites for pet sitting.

9 House sit – here is a website that compiled the best websites for house sitting.

10 Cancel any subscriptions you pay for; like cable or unlimited data or amazon prime etc.

11 Get another job. Night shift work is great so it doesn’t interfere with a full time day job. Companies like grocery stores often need night shift employees to unpack and stock shelves. 

12 Use credit card rewards points or other reward programs you have to get gift cards for everyday needs like gas for your car or groceries. Then you can use the cash you save on what you need.

13 Ask for a forbearance or salary based payment method from your bill collectors to decrease or temporarily hold monthly payments.

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14 Ask your employer for an advance on your pay.

15 Rent out a room in your home on Airbnb.

16 Sell unused gift cards. This can be as easy as selling them on Facebook marketplace, just sell them for a couple dollars less than what they are worth. If you are not comfortable with Facebook, there are also sites like cardcash that make it easy for you to sell your gift cards for cash

17 Drive people or food around with apps like lyft, uber, and instacart.

18 Sell your clothes, shoes, outerwear, or accessories (purses and gloves etc.) on

19 Donate plasma, find out more here about where to get paid for donating your plasma.

20 If you have a legit need for money that meets the requirements you can initiate a GoFundMe at

Why do we always need more money?

What do others do that prevent them from always needing more money?

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The need for more money on a regular basis is a very common need today. Healthy money habits that create a secure financial future for ourselves and our family are not taught at most schools or even in most families. So how are we supposed to learn and know when and what to do with our money?

The fact of the matter is that it is up to most of us as individuals to teach ourselves how to manage our money and build wealth for secure financial futures. To change this pattern, teach yourself about money as soon as possible, and if you have children start discussing finances with them so they can learn as they grow. 

You can check out the Financially Fit section of TheGirlNinja for more information to build your financial savviness and learn how to create a secure financial future for yourself. Or you can browse topics below to go directly to finance posts to learn more about how to manage your finances. 

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Please remember that everyone’s situation is different and what may work for one person may not work for others. This post is a list of ideas to help you focus on what you can control around your current financial situation. You will need to determine if any combination of ideas here or any ideas here will help your specific situation.

Cash scattered everywhere with black envelop on top of cash, with more cash coming out of envelop. Over money translucent purple rectangle with yellow text reads 20 Ways to Get More CASH NOW. At bottom center red text reads

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