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As a child did you always take the fall season for granted, never thinking twice about it, I did. Then, I went to college and had a roommate from a city in California. As we walked across campus I commented to my new roommate on all the leaves on the ground. I could not believe that students had not made a pile yet to jump in. As you can imagine for someone who never experienced the fall season my roommate looked at me like I was crazy. 

We then had a lengthy discussion about jumping in leaf piles, and other activities we do in the fall season like apple & pumpkin picking. Through this discussion I was educated that all the happy memories I have that make the fall season so special was not given to everyone. I was shocked. Our friendship then naturally advanced as we tried to do all activities that were unique to the fall season. 

For those of you who have never experienced fall, know that it is more than just dead leaves falling from trees. It’s a feeling, an atmosphere, a backdrop to your day. In a sentence it is beautiful colors, the crunch of leaves as you walk, a chill in the air around you, the smell of cinnamon and apples, and cozy jackets and sweaters.

For those of us who grew up with a fall season, some of our favorite memories of getting together with friends and family are during this time. Memories filled with the crunch of crisp leaves beneath our shoes, kids going to school, pumpkins, and cider. It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling just thinking about the fall season.  

There are so many fall activities that we have fond memories of, it is hard to pick a favorite. An important fact to point out about the fall season is that the fall activities you enjoy can change depending on your age. This does not mean that you ever get too old for fall activities. It only means that as you age you may explore different fall activities to keep making memories of the fall season.

So, for everyone who never got a chance to experience the fall season, this post is for you. I hope someday you get the chance to experience the entirety of the fall season for yourself. Especially, I hope you get to enjoy all the fun fall activities that create memories with your friends and family.  

There is so much to take in, in the fall. It takes careful planning to ensure you get a chance to do fall activities and items that only come around once a year. Let’s talk about how we can celebrate the fall season with fall activities in our everyday life at all ages. 


Toddler in fuzzy coat and hat stands smiling in leaves with leaves falling around them. Blue text reads Lists of Fun Fall Activities for Every Age

– Create handprint turkeys

– Go to a farm for apple picking, and hopefully get to visit with some animals too

– Read Ten Apples Up On Top, By Dr. Seuss

– Make fingerprint apple trees

– Nature walk to look and feel the outdoors during the fall season

– Photoshoot in leaf pile

– Visit this website for more ideas

Tweet your favorite fall activity with toddlers to share and inspire others. My favorite fall activity with toddlers is to take a nature walk with them. This is great to do at a park or woods with lots of trees that have leaves changing colors.


– Paint or color a Pumpkin

– Make leaf prints with paper, leaves, and crayons

– Make a leaf pile to jump in!

– Gather pumpkin seeds and make different flavors

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– Make fingerprint apple trees

– Create a solar system to show why we have different seasons

– Create a leaf turkey

– Trick-or-Treating

Depending on your kid some fall activities are better than others. You might need to try a few before you find your kid’s favorite fall activities. My absolute favorite fall activity to do with kids is to make piles of leaves to jump in. In particular a leaf pile jumping photo short annually is a terrific way to capture the memories of your kids as they grow. There is nothing more awesome than an action shot of a child mid air. 

If you start this photo shoot with a baggy sweater that you have to roll up the sleeves on, you can do the photo shoot for several years with that same sweater. Wearing the same sweater in photos across different years captures an individual’s growth more intensely. The photos will focus and draw attention to the changes like your kid’s adorable faces and the beautiful nature around them. 


– Go to a haunted house

– Carve Pumpkins

– Create a haunted house or haunted maze

– Do a corn maze

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– Bob for apples

– Shop for fun fall accessories

– Costume Contest

– Scary Movie Night

Let’s face it, finding any activity let alone a fall activity that teens enjoy is a challenge. So, even if they do not like any fall activities, maybe bribe them to participate for some great family photos. Even though it might be a challenge there are some fall activities on the teen list that your teen might enjoy. Specifically fall activities that teens can do with friends, like a scary movie night or a haunted house or walking through a corn maze.  

My favorite fall activity on the teen list is to carve pumpkins. Yes I am an adult, but absolutely love carving pumpkins every year. My kid really enjoys scraping their insides out, which I can do without, and I love creating new designs every year or carving a classic jack-o-lantern. Then it’s always nice to make pumpkin seeds for a healthy snack throughout the week. A fall activity tip is to have the family carve a pumpkin every other week in October to try different pumpkin seed flavors.


As adults we can choose a multitude of fall activities from other age groups so do explore the other lists, but here are a few that adults might specifically enjoy.

– Shop for fall decorations for your home

– Enjoy a hard cider with a friend

– Make a hard cider

Nearly All Ages or Just About Everyone

– Go apple picking

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– Go Pumpkin picking

– Make apple desserts

– Make pumpkin desserts

– Go School Supply Shopping & Donate the Supplies

– Geocaching or plain old hike (best time of year since it’s not too hot or too cold)

– Enjoy warm cider

– Decorate your home with fun fall decorations

Reading through the lists above of fall activities brings back so many memories for my family and friends. I hope you and your friends and family get to try everything on the lists above, and share lots of laughter along the journey. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures too!

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